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Note: Please contact Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager if you wish to enable this feature.


Call parking allows you to put a call on hold and initiate a second, separate call to another party (e.g.: to call a supplier to get the solution to the customer's issue and then switch back to the customer to share the information). You can then switch back and forth between the two separate calls, as opposed to a Call Conference, where multiple-way conversations occur in the same call.


Using Call Parking

Step 1. Start Call Parking

You can easily park a call and initiate a second call to another party by clicking the Add Guest button while on a call and pressing the Park Call button.

The caller is put on hold and you can then initiate a call to a new number. The second call can be dialed to any external number (new or favorite):



  • You can only park an ongoing call to make a second call. It’s not possible to make a third call at the same time.
  • Click-to-call is not available as an option to initiate a new call when you park another call.


Step 2. Switch Between Calls

Callbar will always display both call legs so you can switch and interact with each separately.

You can terminate the first call by clicking the End Call button without having the second call disconnecting, as it will remain in Call Parking mode:


If the first call is terminated by the other party, you’ll first need to switch to the second parked call:



Step 3. End Call Parking

Call park terminates when you finish the second call and switch to the first call, thus returning Callbar to the normal on-call screen.

If the second guest disconnects the call while your original contact is still on hold, you’ll need to click on Resume to go back to the on-call screen:


Ending the first call and then ending also the second call will finish the call and bring up the disposition screen (Note: only one call disposition screen is displayed for both calls):


If both calls are disconnected by the two external parties and not by you, the call will remain active and you will not leave Call Park mode. To become available again you have to explicitly end the call:


Only then the call disposition screen will be displayed.

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