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"Fetching data..."




The "Fetching data..." message is displayed while our system is retrieving the caller’s data during an incoming call.

Please do not restart the Callbar or your browser (in case you are using a keypad instead to make and receive calls) as this will interrupt the process and drop the call.

This message should only take a few seconds (most of the time it takes less than a second, thus not even being visible), depending on the speed of your connection.

To understand how the speed of your network connection can cause delays in retrieving the caller's data, please check why we recommend ethernet instead of WiFI.

Delays for "Fetching data..." are commonly client network-related and most usually, a consequence of high DNS resolution times.

Execute the following steps, since valuable data can be obtained from them to understand the reason(s) for the delay(s):

  • Open the Callbar console window (Ctrl + Shift + I) and on the Name column, look for the event corresponding to fetching the contact information.
  • On the Response tab, look for the HTTP request-response that corresponds to the location from where the contact information was retrieved (in this example, from Salesforce integration).


  • On the Timing tab, the total execution time of that operation is presented in ms. Values above 1000ms are concerning.


  • When the call ends, the last event related to that interaction also provides insights on different metrics, namely on DNS Lookup times, which should also be below 500ms.


How to prevent the "Fetching data"

To stop seeing this message, make sure to follow these guidelines regarding the type of connection::

  • Ethernet is the preferred connection type. Use a Cat 5E cable, or above. If it's not possible, follow our Alternatives to Wi-Fi;
  • Avoid using VPN. If you do need to use a VPN, split tunneling must be configured in order to ensure that all traffic from Callbar is routed directly to the internet instead of through the VPN;
  • Set the following DNS servers (if possible):
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:

If, on a rare occasion, that you still find that this message is being displayed for more than 10 seconds for an inbound call after this change, please email support@talkdesk.comproviding the call SID(s) of the affected calls so the team can investigate.

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