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Reporting Security Enhancements


Note: This announcement was originally published in 2018. The features described below may be different within the current reporting experience provided by Talkdesk Explore.


GDPR is about transparency with data subjects and being able to comply with individual rights. Talkdesk already has several features in place that allow admins to manage and address these individual rights, and we are continuing to develop new features and processes to make it even more customizable.

As such, from the 4th of June 2018, all files related to scheduled reports will require authentication in Talkdesk in order to be downloaded. These include report links that are presented in our scheduled reports page as well as report links that are sent via email:


Also, from July 5 onwards we will be progressively deploying two new Metrics Settings to all accounts allowing admins to manage reporting files and data retention period.

By accessing the account preferences, admins can specify for how long they wish their historical report files to be listed and available for downloading under the Scheduled reports tab, using the 'Report Files Retention Period' setting:


The report files older than the selected number of days will be periodically removed. If the value is '0', these files are automatically deleted every day. Also, the admin or supervisor can manually delete reports from the Scheduled Reports tab:


The setting Reporting Data Retention Period allows admins to define during how many days Talkdesk should keep the account's historical reporting data. If the value is '1' (minimum value), we will keep the data for 1 day.

Note: The Scheduled Reports tab will be progressively deprecated from all accounts by the end of 2019. If you are using Explore, please note that there is not an execution list and, because of that the setting “Report files Retention Period” is not applicable. However, the reports sent by email contain a link to download the executed report and which is valid for 30 days. In the case of the “Reporting Data Retention Period”, with Explore you will have access to a maximum of 13 months of data by default (for example, if you are in September 2019, you will be able to view data from September 2018 onwards). This period can also be customizable by changing the values in the Reporting Data Retention Period field. Please note that 395 days (13 months) is the maximum retention period supported by Explore.

For more details, please check the article Metrics Settings.




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