"Failed to log in"

If you are getting a ‘Failed to log in’ error when trying to log in to Talkdesk, first make sure that you're typing in the correct account name. Keep in mind that this field is case-sensitive and account names must always be written in lower case.


With the release of our Unified Login System to make the authentication system safer and faster, once you type in your Talkdesk account name and press the ‘Next’ button in Callbar, a browser authentication window automatically pops open where you are requested to type in your email and password. For security reasons, this authentication window is only valid for five minutes.

If your computer’s clock does not match the current internet time and is off by more than five minutes, when you try to log in the authentication windows is automatically expired and, as a result, you will receive a “Failed to log in” error.

Such issues can be fixed by setting the correct date, time and time zone on your system.  

Please check to make sure that the timezone system matches your actual timezone. There are also many websites that allow you to confirm your current time so you can compare it to the time set in your system.

If you've confirmed this is the case, and your computer time is incorrect, please have an IT tech set your computer's clock to automatic, and then try to log in to Callbar again.

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