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Don't lose access to Callbar: download the new Callbar app today


Google will soon deprecate their Chrome Apps and shutdown their Chrome Web Store (for all users except those using the Chrome OS), making the Chrome version of Callbar unusable.  Not to worry! We’ve created a new Callbar App that doesn’t rely on the Chrome Web Store. You can avoid service disruption with a simple download of the new app. 

Although we know this change is coming soon, we don’t have a firm date from Google on when Chrome Apps will be removed, so we encourage you to download the new Callbar App today so you don’t get caught by surprise.


About Callbar App:

  • Built on the Electron platform—the same framework used by teams at Slack and Github for their desktop applications
  • Same look and feel as the Chrome version with no impact on the agent experience
  • New feature releases will be prioritized to Callbar App. Features will include voicemail drop, custom voicemail greetings and redial
  • In the future, Callbar App will be incorporated into our broader platform vision, enabling customers to integrate AppConnect apps directly into the Callbar


How do my agents download Callbar App?

Please have your agents follow the steps below to download the app:


Note: In case you are using Callbar with Salesforce, Zendesk or Desk, you will also need to change the CTI connector to connect agents to Callbar App now. Follow our Callbar App for Salesforce, Callbar App for Zendesk or our Callbar for instructions.


Don’t be caught by surprise!

Download the app today and contact your CSM or Talkdesk Support if you have any questions.

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