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Changes to the Hangup Causes


In order to provide better and more accurate data, we will soon be retiring our “offered” and “handled” hangup causes to replace them with a new term: “disconnected”.

See below for more information regarding these changes:

  • Deprecated Hangup causes: Offered; Handled
  • New Hangup cause: Disconnected 

Also, please refer to this Knowledge Base article for more information on our hangup causes.

In case you have been using these hangup fields to track your agents’ performance, you can now use our new and more granular agent performance metrics instead, which will be available in the Agents Scheduled Report:

  • Dial Attempts
  • Agent Pickup Rate

Learn more about our new agent performance metrics: 'Dial Attempts' and 'Pickup Rate'.

These changes will be available to all customers on March, 19.

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