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Recordings API (Beta)


The Talkdesk Recordings API is an advanced programmatic method to access historical call recording URLs in Talkdesk in an automated fashion, available now in Beta for customers on our Enterprise plan.

With the Talkdesk Recordings API you can:

  • Extract a raw log of call recordings along with associated metadata. 
  • Develop customized reporting.
  • Tailor your agent productivity and training programs to call recordings.
  • Combine with other APIs for a complete picture of your customer interactions (see reporting API).
  • Integrate your Talkdesk data with other business applications ie: Agent Productivity, Quality Assurance, Voice Analytics, Agent Training, Data Warehouse tools, etc. See AppConnect for direct integrations with Talkdesk.


Please note the following additional information about the Recordings API:

  • Talkdesk Recordings API is currently in Beta. 
  • It is an asynchronous API for accessing historical data programmatically. i.e. developers will programmatically submit a request for a report, wait for the the request to process, then programmatically download the report once it has been created. It is unrelated to the Scheduled Reports available in our main web application and available to all customers. 
  • The time it takes our system to take a request and provide the report will vary based on traffic and report size.
  • Our Recordings API does not provide access to real-time data. It is strictly for accessing historical call and agent status data, and only results from an hour past the request or older will be available (e.g. if you make the request at 2pm, you can only generate a report for results generated at 1pm or older).
  • During the beta period, endpoints are subject to change on short notice - so you should ensure that you have a development team readily available to make changes as Talkdesk continues to tweak the APIs based on feedback, and works towards finalizing them for our GA (General Availability) release.

To request access please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or email our support team:

Check our documentation for Recordings API.


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