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Recordings API


What is it

The Recordings API is an advanced programmatic method to access historical call recording URLs in Talkdesk, in an automated fashion, and is available for customers on the Enterprise plan.

With the Recordings API you can:

  • Extract a raw log of call recordings along with associated metadata. 
  • Tailor your agent productivity and training programs to call recordings.
  • Combine with other APIs for a complete picture of your customer interactions (see the developer documentation for the Reporting API). This is important to obtain the list of interaction IDs for which you want to access the respective recordings.
  • Integrate your Talkdesk data with other business applications, i.e.: Agent Productivity, Quality Assurance, Voice Analytics, Agent Training, Data Warehouse tools, etc. See AppConnect for direct integrations with Talkdesk.


How to access it

To request access to the Recordings API, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or send an email to

The access to the Recordings API is scoped, which means that only authenticated users in Talkdesk with the right scope defined for the role will be able to access a given recording. By default, a user with the Admin role has full access to all recordings.


How to use it

You can follow these step-by-step guidelines to use the Recordings API:

  • Start by collecting the interaction IDs for which you want to obtain recordings, by using the Reporting API.
  • When you have the interaction IDs, you can use the Recordings API to access historical data programmatically, i.e. you or a developer can programmatically submit a request, as follows:
    • First, request the list of recordings, one interaction at a time.
    • Next, for each recording request the metadata.
    • Finally, for each recording request the audio file.

Note: Our Recordings API does not provide access to real-time data. This API is strictly for accessing historical data of call recordings.

For more information, check our developer documentation for the Recordings API.


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