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Filtering by Team in Talkdesk Live


Once you have defined and assigned your agents to teams, besides being able to see metrics results per team using Calls and Agents Status scheduled reports, you can also start taking advantage of Talkdesk Teams filtering capabilities using Talkdesk Live.

To do this follow these steps: 


  • Access the "Reporting” section on the top menu [1].
  • Select the “Live" tab [2].
  • Click the drop down menu next to ‘Filter by:” [3] to display the list of all the available Teams in your account.
  • Tick the box next to each team you wish to see metrics for to display results for the agents associated to those teams only [4].
  • You can also combine the Teams filter with the Ring Groups filter to get an intersection of the two. When multiple ring groups and teams are selected, only calls and agents related with those ring groups and teams will show up on the widget metrics.

Note: If no teams are selected results for all teams and agents without a team are displayed.

Ticking the ‘All Teams’ box will display results for existing teams [5] only.

Calls are associated to a team based on the user who's handling the call or, if in the queue, the calls that share a ring group with any of the agents of the team(s).

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