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Changes to Reporting Calendars Date Range Selection


Note: This announcement refers to the legacy Reporting UI which has been deprecated throughout 2020. Please read our notice.


In line with our continued efforts to improve user experience and make sure Talkdesk remains an easy-to-use application, we have performed a few changes to the way admins and supervisors can select report dates in Talkdesk.

The date range for reports can now be selected on either of the calendars (or both if the range is larger than one month) providing greater flexibility and a quicker way to select and change date ranges.

This means the way dates are selected also changes for scheduled reports:

  • The first click selects the start date
  • The second click may have two different effects:

- If the clicked day is earlier than the currently selected day, the selected day will be updated.

- If the clicked day is after the currently selected day, the end day will be selected.

  • The calendar on the right complements the selections of the first calendar and is useful when selecting big periods of time.
  • Any click after an end date is set will select a new start date.

You will also notice that our Holidays hours date range selector has been adjusted to reflect the new UI and, when opened, the present day is now selected by default. All behaviors and interactions remain the same:


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