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Callbar new settings panel


A new Settings panel is now available in the Callbar (on the top-left corner, next to the log out and version number information menu) allowing agents to select the following audio options:

    • Microphone audio input: allows agents to test the input selected via an audio level meter.
    • Speaker audio output: allows agents to play a test sound from the output selected.
    • Enable/Disable automatic gain control (AGC)

When a new audio and/or mic input is added, the Callbar settings panel is automatically updated to list the new available device.

The Audio settings panel includes the default device settings (the system default mic and default speakers) as well as any other detected options, which can then be selected separately as the input and output.

When only one input or output option is detected, users are not allowed to use the dropdown menu to change or deselect this.


Normalize audio output

A new toggle now allows agents to enable or disable our Callbar Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature .

This feature is on by default in Talkdesk. It automatically adjusts the volume of the agents microphones to improve the clarity and loudness of their voices based on the external ambient noises i.e.: agents who don't have high quality headsets, who may work outside the office where the ambient noise is loud; agents who call external cell phones that cause high fluctuations in input volume due to ambient noise, etc.

However, some devices may not behave properly with AGC causing your microphone volume to keep self adjusting during a call. If this is your case, you may consider disabling this option for your Callbar.

To do this:

  • Open the menu [1] in the top-left corner of your Callbar.
  • Click the Settings [2] option:

  • Switch the ‘Normalize audio output’ toggle to the left (off position) [3]:

Learn more about using Talkdesk Callbar.

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