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Enable / disable Scheduled Reports execution



Note: This announcement refers to the legacy Reporting UI which has been deprecated throughout 2020. Please read our notice.


Admins and Supervisors can now enable / disable the execution of recurring scheduled reports. This allows the following related features:

  • Once disabled, the report will no longer run, but all historical runs are preserved for future download.
  • Scheduled reports can be re-enabled.
  • Once re-enabled, the report will run again.
  • Even if disabled, admins and supervisors can press “Run now” to run the report at any time.

This new feature is available through a toggle in the Scheduled reports tab of your Reporting section:

  • Open the "Reporting" section [1]  from the top menu bar.
  • Select the "Scheduled" tab [2].
  • Drag the toggle [3] next to each report to enable / disable it:

  • When disabled, the report will be listed as [report frequency] (Paused) [4] in the Scheduled Report’s tab Frequency column.
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