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Release Notes | October 17, 2016



  • Talkdesk Callbar (Open Beta). Callbar is a new application that allows users to make and receive calls via Talkdesk from any application they are working on. Some benefits of the new Callbar include:
    • Lightweight and easy to use. Talkdesk's Callbar can be used by anyone in your organization - no training required.
    • Compatible across applications. Talkdesk supports your existing workflow and ensures you always have the context you need when connecting to customers in real-time.
    • Always accessible. Make and answer calls from anywhere on your desktop - no more having to comb through open tabs for your softphone.
  • Callbar for Zendesk (Open Beta). The new Callbar will support the same level of integration as the CTI Widget with a phased delivery plan. Initial release supports click-to-call, opening contacts and logging calls in Zendesk.
  • Callbar for (Open Beta). The new Callbar for Desk will also support the same level of integration as the CTI Widget with a phased delivery plan. Initial release supports click-to-call, opening contacts and logging calls in Desk.



  • Agent time in status available under Talkdesk Live (legacy) List Widgets. Admins and supervisors can now see the agent time in status right from a Talkdesk Live (legacy) list widget, so they can know the time that each agents is spending on his current status.
  • Secure Recordings. Talkdesk has released a security upgrade to better protect your call recordings. Your account has been automatically upgraded on September 1, 2016.
  • Scheduled Reports: new customization options. You can now select a timezone for the report (the default is the account timezone) and it will be run at midnight in the selected timezone. You can now also select the following time interval options for breakdown reports: 10 min, 30 min (default), and 1 hour.
  • Talkdesk Live (legacy) - List Graph Type. Selecting list graph type is now available for the following metrics: Agents - Online, Calls - Live, Calls - In Progress, Calls - Queued.
  • Callbar conference call Remove button. To ensure privacy, the first agent to initiate a conference call using the Callbar will now see a remove button displayed next to each guest name. Clicking it disconnects the selected guest.
  • When making a conference call using the Callbar, the customer’s name or phone number is now always visible in the first line of the participants' list (and independent of how many guests there are).
  • Support click-to-call from contact in using the Callbar. Clicking on the "call contact" link on the panel inside the Desk ticket will initiate a call through the Callbar.
  • Enabling Specific Routing Settings per Agent. If an agent is not permitted to override routing settings by the admin, settings are now hidden from the Agent Settings page.
  • Talkdesk for Salesforce - Winter 17 Release. We are actively testing the compatibility of Talkdesk for Salesforce with the Winter 17 release and tracking potential issues.
  • Warn Admins if they try adding an agent that already exists. Admins will now receive an objective warning when trying to add an agent that already exists so they can save time and don't have to look at each field to understand what they are doing wrong. Before, a generic message was shown ("Sorry something went wrong...")



  • Inbound reporting tab only showed abandoned calls in graph.
  • When an incoming call was answered by two agents at the same time using the Callbar, the agent who did not get the call was still getting disposition codes displayed.
  • False status changes to offline
  • Reloading Scheduled Report from the main Talkdesk application was leading to a blank page.
  • Recording continued to play when clicking out of the modal. Once the modal was closed, the recording continued to play, unless the page was refreshed or a different recording played.
  • Adding Admin permissions to Agents/supervisors was not saving the configuration.
  • Restricting a given role to only "View" for Agents section under the "Admin" panel was not limiting bulk actions.
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