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Public Recordings


Talkdesk allows the recording of inbound and outbound calls as well as voicemails. We store these files on our secure infrastructure and provide access within our application. Agents must be authenticated prior to being able to play a recording. This allows us to maintain best practices and security standards while keeping your data secure.

As an admin, however, you may choose to allow public access to your recordings. This might be especially relevant when you have agents who work predominantly inside third-party CRM applications and may not remember their Talkdesk credentials.

Also, certain integrations such as Zendesk, offer a native voicemail player inside their tickets which will not work properly when agents are not authenticated (read more). You will also need to enable public recordings if you frequently share your recordings with non-Talkdesk users or people outside of your organization.


Enabling Public Recordings:


  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the Admin section.
  • Click the Preferences tab.
  • Scroll down to the Call Settings section.
  • Select the desired option next to Public Recordings Enabled (Yes or No). If you select Yes, users are no longer required to authenticate prior to being able to play your voicemails and call recordings.
  • Click Save.



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