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Why was my port request rejected?


The majority of numbers are portable, however there are some common reasons why a port request may be rejected by the losing provider. In almost all cases, the rejections can be solved by contacting the current carrier and getting the correct and necessary information. 

If you want to prevent rejections you should always contact your carrier first to make sure you have the right information or to request a Customer Service Record (CSR).

Here’s a list of the most common reasons for a port request rejections:


Unsatisfactory Business Relationship

This one is probably one of the rarest, but it typically means that you have an unpaid balance or that your carrier charges a port away fee. To resolve it you have to pay any balance/fee to the provider and send us an e-mail to confirm this action.


All Data Mismatch/Name Mismatch/Address Mismatch/Company name Mismatch

This is exactly what it sounds like, meaning, the information you submitted on your Letter of Authorization (LOA) is different from what your carrier has on file. You should contact your carrier to learn what’s on your CSR and send us a new LOA with the right information. You may need to talk directly to your provider’s porting team in order to learn this information or to get a copy of the CSR.


Inactive Number

This means the numbers are not in service with the losing provider. To resolve this you must contact your carrier so they can reinstate the numbers and contact us once the numbers are reactivated.


Unauthorized Signature

In this case, the person that’s authorized to make changes on the account is not the same person who signed the LOA. You have to reach out to the losing carrier to learn who’s this person or to update the authorized person, and then contact us so we can resubmit the request or send us a new LOA with the right signature.


Wrong Wireless Account PIN

In order to port wireless numbers you have to give us a PIN. Note that the PIN is sometimes the last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number. To resolve this you need to contact the carrier to obtain the PIN number they have on file and then e-mail us that information.


Incorrect/Missing Account Number

This means the Account number you submitted is wrong or it’s not there at all. You need to contact the losing carrier to learn the Account number and send us an e-mail with it.


Invalid Billing Telephone Number (BTN)

The billing telephone number is typically a master number used to identify an account with many phone numbers. To solve this rejection contact your provider to obtain the billing telephone number and e-mail us that information so we can resubmit the request.


Unportable Numbers

Unfortunately, there are some regions from which our telecom provider can’t port phone numbers. In this case, you can either buy a new number from us or use call forwarding.


Resold Account

To resolve this rejection simply contact the losing carrier and request a CSR or provide detailed directions on how to port the number away.


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