Using Talkdesk Zendesk Connector

This integration allows you to keep Talkdesk and Zendesk in sync with regards to customer profiles and conversation activity, so you can make calls and update Zendesk data without leaving Talkdesk, or make and receive calls using Talkdesk without leaving Zendesk.

Readily Available Caller Profile Information

Talkdesk retrieves all of the customer information from Zendesk (name, company, job title, phone number, email, address, website, etc.).  Agents can then call Zendesk contacts directly from Talkdesk and view comprehensive information about the caller as the phone rings:


While on a call, agents can mute, place the call on hold or transfer it to another agent. When the call is finished, a ticket or note is automatically logged and the information sent to Zendesk. 


Know the Entire History of the Caller

Talkdesk also retrieves from Zendesk the caller’s previous interactions (tasks, cases, notes, etc.) with your company, showing the entire history of the caller in their Talkdesk's “Activity” tab:



Two-way Synchronization

All of your Zendesk contacts are automatically uploaded into Talkdesk so when a customer profile is updated in Talkdesk, it is also automatically updated in Zendesk using our two-way synchronization.

Talkdesk also automatically synchronizes information from call logs, recordings and notes into the contact’s profile in Zendesk. With this seamless synchronization agents are always informed with updated and accurate information:


Note: When a contact sync occurs with a Zendesk integration, any contacts that have been deleted or merged in Zendesk will be deleted within Talkdesk. The purpose of this deletion is to ensure that your Talkdesk contacts match your Zendesk contacts, and to prevent duplicate contacts from existing in Talkdesk after they have been merged in Zendesk.
When two contacts are merged in Zendesk, the contact that remains will continue to be synced to Talkdesk. The one that no longer exists will be deleted from Talkdesk together with its associated calls. However, those calls will still be reflected in Talkdesk reporting


Update Zendesk data without leaving Talkdesk

Agents can manually create and update contacts, notes and cases in Zendesk, without leaving the Talkdesk interface.

Update contacts in Zendesk by selecting the relevant action under ‘Zendesk Actions’. This information will be automatically added to Zendesk as well as Talkdesk:


Create tickets

You can also automatically create tickets or manually create a new ticket in Zendesk directly from the Talkdesk interface. We will pre-fill information for improved productivity:



Call Zendesk and Talkdesk Contacts Directly From Zendesk

With Talkdesk’s Callbar for Zendesk you can also leverage advanced call center software features without ever leaving Zendesk. Agents will be able to make, receive, transfer and record calls, click-to-call and more, directly from the Zendesk interface:



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