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Automating Tasks in your Talkdesk for Slack Integration


Talkdesk for Slack brings a new level of empowerment to call centers by increasing the visibility of your business and organization and providing a real time notifications alert system for supervisors. 

It is built with a customizable notification engine that can alert call center supervisors of critical events on a queue that is getting too long, or the VIP customer that is calling in. You can create the following rules (and more):

  • When a call is enqueued and the waiting queue is larger than XX calls then send a message to #channel or @user in Slack.
  • When a call is missed and has the XX ring group, then send a message to a slack #channel.
  • When an inbound call starts in Talkdesk from a VIP number then send a message to @user

Once you have activated your Slack integration, you can start adding your automations.


To configure an automated task:


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click the 'Admin' section [1].
  • Select the 'Integrations' tab [2].
  • Click the Slack 'Settings' button [3].
  • Press the 'Add your first automated task for Slack' (if you’re adding your first automation) or 'Add New Automated Task' button [4].
  • Customize the automated task according to your needs:


Follow these steps to setup the automated task for Slack in Talkdesk “When an inbound call starts in Talkdesk from a VIP number then send a message to #supervisors":


  • Select the trigger as: When “an inbound call is ringing” [5] in Talkdesk then “send a message to a slack #channel” in Slack [6].
  • Press the 'Add filter' link  [7] and select “Phone: VIP phone number” Is equal “true”.

Note: If you add more filters, these will always work in conjunction: AND and not OR conditions. This means that Slack will behave as requested only if all your conditions are met: e.g. When a call enters the waiting queue in Talkdesk then send a message to a Slack channel, if call in queue is from ring group A and from ring group B.

You can then customize the information sent to Slack by dragging the relevant fields into the text boxes, such as: 

  • #channel or @user [8]: #supervisors (select the slack channel or username)
  • Title: VIP call [9]
  • Message: Customer {{}} is calling VIP line! [10]
  • Once finished, click 'Save' [11] to activate the automated task.

Talkdesk will then automatically send a notification to the #supervisors channel in Slack when a call is received on one of your VIP numbers:

Visit our Talkdesk for Slack - Automations Guide for more examples. 

You can edit, clone or delete a task at any time by clicking the settings button next to each automation [12]: 


If you would like to have additional alerts that are not currently available or have other ideas to leverage the use of Slack for your team, reach out to us (via your CSM or directly) with your suggestions and feedback.

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