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Release Notes | June 23, 2016



  • Talkdesk for Salesforce (Closed Beta).  Salesforce App Exchange can be fully configured, maintained and used from within the Salesforce environment. It builds upon the functionality of the previous Talkdesk Salesforce Integration by providing native access to even more call center features for Salesforce admins, call center supervisors and agents.
  • Talkdesk for Slack Integration (Public Beta):
    • Agent Coaching functionality: Supervisors can now coach agents by sending messages via Slack to a specific agent while monitoring a call using the Talkdesk for Slack integration
    • Call barging link: a barge link is included at the end of a message when sent using the Slack integration “Help me” buttons while on a call


  • Call recordings modal. Instead of opening up a new tab when you play a recording from Talkdesk, it now plays and downloads from a modal. Users must be authenticated to access call recordings in the Talkdesk application.
  • Intercom Integration is now out of Beta and available to all accounts.
  • BYOC now allowing use of local carriers. Enterprise customers using BYOC for outbound calls will now be able to leverage a local carrier.
  • Allow for multiple Talkdesk Live (legacy) tabs to be opened at the same time, with different data.
  • Confirmation banner when a transfer goes through successfully.  A banner notification is now displayed informing agents that the call was transferred correctly.
  • Filter per agent custom status, select and unselect all agent status on Talkdesk Live (legacy).


  • Friendly name and outbound caller ID dropdown not showing for phones with chained ring groups.
  • Duplicate contacts were being created when the Agent issued an outbound call to a non existing contact via the Salesforce CTI while having multiple Salesforce tabs open.
  • Reporting tabs were slow to load.
  • Scheduled/On Demand reports taking long to process and submit.
  • Call status getting stuck for calls that ended while reloading widget
  • Agents reports sometimes showing negative time values.
  • Scheduled reports sometimes showing negative numbers.
  • Corrected pricing discrepancies when buying additional licenses through the UI (note: only basic licenses are supported; any other license type requires contacting
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Microsoft Dynamics integration from working for instances in Australia and New Zealand
  • Allow agents to switch between Web and Widget Mode.


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