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Monitoring and Call Barging




Call monitoring and call barging can be very effective training tools, enabling managers and supervisors to drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and the agent.

Managers can listen in while agents take their first calls and barge in when necessary, ensuring that both customers and agents are satisfied with the interaction.

New agents aren’t, however, the only team members that require help on the call from time to time. After a new product launch, promotional event or a known issue is discovered, if a caller has a question that the agent isn’t able to answer, managers or supervisors can drop in on the live call to help the agent out. This will ensure that the entire team is communicating a consistent message and that caller’s needs are met.

Call barging can also make VIP customers feel that they are being taken care of by a team, not just a specific agent. Prominent customers may feel that they deserve a higher level of support. With call barging, these customers’ expectations can be met.

Note: Call monitoring and barging is charged at $0.01 per minute.

Also note that agents will also be able to monitor calls if the following Talkdesk Live update permissions have been granted in their roles.


To Monitor a Call:

  • Sign in to your account as an administrator or supervisor.
  • Make sure you are in Web Mode
  • Access the "Reporting” section on the top menu [1].
  • Select the “Live" tab [2].
  • Click the '"Live Calls" widget [3] to see a list of all calls currently In Progress or Queued:


  • Select the ellipsis button [4] on an In Progress call to see the list of available actions:


  • Select the 'Monitor Call' [5] option and you will now be monitoring the call. The right-hand side of your screen will show the agent you are monitoring at the top and information on the caller below, along with additional monitoring options:

Note: When filtering by ring groups, calls made and received in dedicated phone numbers will not be shown. To display also dedicated lines make sure you that are not filtering by any ring group.


Barging In on a Call:

  • To barge in on a call (meaning to start speaking with both the agent and the caller) all you need to do is to click the 'Unmute' button [6].
  • To end a monitoring session, just click the 'Stop Monitoring Call' button [7]:


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