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Release Notes | March 22, 2016



  • Talkdesk Live (legacy. Talkdesk Live (legacy) is replacing your current Live Calls tab in reporting. Users with permissions to view the Live Calls tab will see their permissions automatically transferred into Talkdesk Live (legacy). Talkdesk Live (legacy) is a real-time live monitoring dashboard of your Talkdesk account activity.


  • CTI Widget Refresh. With this refresh we are introducing a new, more streamlined and intuitive user interface for your CTI Widget application inside Salesforce, Zendesk and Desk.
  • In-product notification of low credit balance. Low credit warnings are now shown inside Talkdesk, via a banner, besides still being sent via e-mail.
  • CTI Widget: Select contact dropdown will now appear when multiple contacts share the same phone number. Simply select the correct contact from the dropdown menu and your call will be logged to that contact.


  • Agents reports occasionally showing negative time values. Agents report sometimes showed very small negative time values (around -0.3 seconds). This caused some reports to display pound signs where values should be displayed, or the negative value itself.
  • Zendesk voicemail ticket passing incorrect comment types via API. Ticket was created in Zendesk with incorrect payload and no voicemail url or data was being displayed.
  • Voicemail transcriptions failing for all accounts. Caused by a change in Twilio's transcription architecture that made all transcriptions fail.
  • Intelligent reconnect not including fake agent ID's. When the caller was sent to an External Phone Number either because the If-No-Answer Number of because the IVR option sent the caller to an External Phone Number, upon calling back, the Intelligent Reconnect system would get mixed up.
  • Send caller to voicemail when agent rejects call via Call Switching. If voicemail is enabled, rejected calls in the call switching queue now route to voicemail.
  • Area code mix up in automated Caller ID selection on outbound calls. If there were phone numbers from different countries but had an area code that matched, the system would select that phone number even though it was from a different country.
  • Updating business hours for phones with settings override was not consistently saving at the number level.
  • Object ID is now correctly associated with a person object in Salesforce. Fixed a bug when associating calls to invalid salesforce objects, when an agent clicked to dial from a salesforce object that was neither a contract nor a lead.
  • Incorrect counting of missed calls for the auto-away feature. Unanswered calls that end up in the waiting queue are now counted as missed calls.
  • Inbound reporting charts not rendering correctly. There was a problem with the reporting charts, that when opened would load on the wrong time zone and cause graphs to render in weird ways.
  • Do not allow a number to call itself in INA. Admins can no longer define Talkdesk number as its own If-No-Answer number. This could create an infinite loop that causes a spike in call cost.
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