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Using Talkdesk Live (legacy)


Some key features of Talkdesk Live (legacy) include Configurable Widgets and detailed Online Agents and Live Calls drill-downs. Metric widgets listed as 'Now' (e.g. 'Live' and 'In Progress' metrics), display results for events occurring at this exact present moment. Metric widget results for “Today", "Last Hour", "Last 30 Minutes" or "Last 5 Minutes" are refreshed every 2 minutes.

"Today" metrics are defined by the 0:00 am hour of the timezone defined under preferences.


Accessing Talkdesk Live (legacy)

  • Sign in to your account as an administrator or supervisor.
  • Access the Reporting section [1].
  • Select the Live tab [2]:


Filtering the Dashboard

The dashboard metrics in Talkdesk Live (legacy) can quickly and easily be filtered to display only results for specific ring groups and/or teams, as required by each admin or supervisor while monitoring the calls:

  • Click the dropdown menus next to "Filter by Team" or "Filter by Ring Group" [3] to display the list of all the teams or ring groups in your account.
  • You can combine the Teams filter with the Ring Groups filter. To do this, tick the box next to the teams and ring groups that you wish to see metrics for [4].

When combining filters, please note that queue-related metrics are only filtered by ring group. For example, this is why you may see 0 Queued in the Live Calls widget, after applying a team filter. Besides this, some metrics will only be filtered by team if there are queued calls in the dedicated line of an agent who belongs to one of the selected teams. For more details, please check Filtering by Team in Talkdesk Live (legacy).

When filtering by ring groups, calls made and received in dedicated phone numbers will not be shown. To display also dedicated lines make sure that you are not filtering by any ring group.

Ticking "Select All" will display results for all ring groups, or teams, [5] instead.

Drilling Down into a Detailed List of Results

Click your required widget: e.g. click the Away agents portion (listed in yellow) [6] of the "Agents - Online" donut widget, to drill down into a detailed list of all your currently away agents:


Results will be displayed filtered, based on the group that you selected in the chart:


Note: Clicking the total count in the widget will display the entire result set.

Accessing Live Calls

Click the Live Calls widget [7] to see a list of all calls currently In Progress or Queued:


'In Progress' calls are the calls currently being handled by agents. 'Queued' are those calls currently in your waiting queue. 

Use the drop-down menu to switch between In Progress and Queued calls [8] (you can also display both), or filter your live calls by Team or Ring Group [9] to further refine your results:


Click the top bar headers to sort calls alphabetically, by Type, Status, Agent, Contact or Ring Groups [10], or to list them by Duration or Total Time [11] in an ascending or descending order.

In case you have enabled Queue Callback, clicking the Callback header [12] will sort all callback requests currently in the waiting queue (marked with a checkmark).

Select the ellipsis button [13] on an "In Progress" call to see the list of actions available for supervisors to take on that call:

  • Monitor Call [14]: Supervisors will be connected to the call via the Keypad in Talkdesk's main web application (not available in Salesforce).
  • Copy SID [15]: Having the call's unique identification number at hand can be particularly useful when you need to further analyze or troubleshoot a specific call. Copy the call's unique CallSID into your computer's clipboard. Open a new email message or text document and paste it there.

Note: In case you have integrated your Talkdesk account with Slack, while monitoring live calls and agents’ activities in Talkdesk Live (legacy), supervisors can also use the Slack integration to immediately alert all or selected agents based on real-time events. Learn more about Talkdesk for Slack.


Accessing Online Agents

Clicking the Live Agents widget [16] will display the list of all currently logged in agents:


Filter your agents by status (Available, Away, Busy, custom agent status), team or ring group [17] to further refine your results; or choose "Select All" to see all:


Time in Status

Supervisors can also use this view to track how long each agent has been in the current status.

Click the Status Time header [18] to sort agents by the time spent in their current status in an ascending or descending order.

Clicking the Name, Ring Groups or Status headers [19] will sort this drill-down view alphabetically.

To see your agents' status time directly from Talkdesk's Live (legacy) dashboard instead, simply edit your Live Agents widget to display a List Graph Type [20] instead of Donut:


Learn more about how to configure Talkdesk Live (legacy).

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