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Configuring Talkdesk Live



Talkdesk Live can be configured to display a customized dashboard tailored for your call center's specific needs. Each agent can customize his/her own dashboard.  

Editing Widgets

To edit the settings of a dashboard widget follow these steps:

  • Sign into your account as an administrator or supervisor.
  • Access the "Reporting” section on the top menu.
  • Select the “Live" tab.
  • Click the "Edit" button [1] (this will place the dashboard into "Edit Mode").
  • Once in Edit Mode, click the "Configure" icon [2] on the top left corner of the widget.
  • This will open the Widget Properties, where you can modify the settings of your widget:

The following properties are editable in Talkdesk Live for each dashboard widget:

Widget Title

Select a title to be displayed in your widget.


The option to select the metric to be displayed in the widget is available to Enterprise and Professional customers. The following are the default metrics for Talkdesk Live:

  • Service Level (%): percentage of calls answered within a predefined amount of time (“target time threshold”).
  • Longest Wait Time: longest time a caller waited for the call to be answered.
  • Abandon Time (Avg): average time callers waited for their call to be answered before hanging up (Note: Short Abandon calls are excluded from these metrics when this filter is enabled for the account or a specific number).
  • Wait Time (Avg): the average time a call remains in the queue until an agent answers it.
  • Wait Time - Current (max): the current maximum time a call remains in the queue.
  • Duration Outbound (avg): the average duration of an outbound call.
  • Duration Inbound (avg): the average duration of an inbound call.
  • Duration Current (max): the current maximum duration of a call.
  • Agents - Online: list of all online agents, their status and the time spent in their current status.
  • Calls - Live: list of all calls currently In Progress or Queued.
  • Calls - In Progress: list of all calls currently In Progress.
  • Calls - Queued: list of all calls currently Queued.
  • Calls - Inbound: list of all inbound calls.
  • Calls - Outbound: list of all outbound calls.
  • Calls: list of all inbound and outbound calls.

View a full list of graph types available per metric in Talkdesk Live.

Time Filters (If applicable)

  • Last 5 min
  • Last 30 min
  • Last hour
  • Today

Note: the above time metrics are refreshed every 2 minutes. 

  • Now: all live and current metrics refer to events occurring at the present time.

Graph Type

You can select from four available graph types: Donut, Metric, Gauge or List depending on the metric selected.


Target Threshold

Enterprise and Professional customers can also set the target thresholds to be displayed for each widget:

  • Widgets will have the ability to display warnings and alerts of the performance of a KPI against preset target thresholds. For each metric, you will have the option to set two thresholds - an upper and lower target.
  • Additionally, for widgets using the Gauge graph type, a minimum and maximum threshold value is required to be set.
  • To flip the direction of your metric thresholds, click the "reverse" icon.
  • Values must also be sequential (largest to smallest OR smallest to largest)
  • If lower target = upper target value, "yellow" range will not be shown.

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