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Configuring Talkdesk Live



Talkdesk Live can be configured to display a customized dashboard tailored for your call center's specific needs. Each agent can customize his/her own dashboard.  

Editing Widgets

To edit the settings of a dashboard widget follow these steps:

  • Sign into your account as an administrator or supervisor.
  • Access the "Reporting” section on the top menu.
  • Select the “Live" tab.
  • Click the "Edit" button [1] (this will place the dashboard into "Edit Mode").
  • Once in Edit Mode, click the "Configure" icon [2] on the top left corner of the widget.
  • This will open the Widget Properties, where you can modify the settings of your widget:

The following properties are editable in Talkdesk Live for each dashboard widget:

  • Widget Display Name
  • Metrics
  • Date Filters
  • Graph Type
  • KPI Thresholds

Widget Title

Select a title to be displayed in your widget.


The following are the default metrics for Talkdesk Live:

  • Service Level (%): percentage of calls answered within a predefined amount of time (“target time threshold”).
  • Longest Wait Time: longest time a caller waited for the call to be answered.
  • Abandon Time (Avg): average time callers waited for their call to be answered before hanging up (Note: Short Abandon calls are excluded from these metrics when this filter is enabled for the account or a specific number).
  • Wait Time (Avg): the average time a call remains in the queue until an agent answers it.
  • Wait Time - Current (max): the current maximum time a call remains in the queue.
  • Duration Outbound (avg): the average duration of an outbound call.
  • Duration Inbound (avg): the average duration of an inbound call.
  • Duration Current (max): the current maximum duration of a call.
  • Agents - Online: list of all online agents, their status and the time spent in their current status.
  • Calls - Live: list of all calls currently In Progress or Queued.
  • Calls - In Progress: list of all calls currently In Progress.
  • Calls - Queued: list of all calls currently Queued.
  • Calls - Inbound: list of all inbound calls.
  • Calls - Outbound: list of all outbound calls.
  • Calls: list of all inbound and outbound calls.

View a full list of graph types available per metric in Talkdesk Live.

Time Filters (If applicable)

  • Last 5 min
  • Last 30 min
  • Last hour
  • Today

Note: the above time metrics are refreshed every 2 minutes. 

  • Now: all live and current metrics refer to events occurring at the present time.

Graph Type

You can select from four available graph types: Donut, Metric, Gauge or List depending on the metric selected.


Target Threshold

Admins and Supervisors can also set the target thresholds to be displayed for each widget:

  • Widgets will have the ability to display warnings and alerts of the performance of a KPI against preset target thresholds. For each metric, you will have the option to set two thresholds - an upper and lower target.
  • Additionally, for widgets using the Gauge graph type, a minimum and maximum threshold value is required to be set.
  • To flip the direction of your metric thresholds, click the "reverse" icon.
  • Values must also be sequential (largest to smallest OR smallest to largest)
  • If lower target = upper target value, "yellow" range will not be shown.

Learn more about how to use Talkdesk Live.


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