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Talkdesk Live is a real-time live monitoring dashboard of your Talkdesk account activity.

By being able to access real-time insights of key performance indicators at a glance, such as wait times, abandonment rates, current call queues, and agent statuses, managers and supervisors can have the pulse of their teams at anytime, all through a single view. These insights can then be used to make intelligent, real-time, data-driven decisions via a customizable live dashboard tool.


Talkdesk Live alerts managers and supervisors of items that need attention at any given moment, allowing them to make informed real-time decisions.

Additionally, agents can receive invaluable assistive feedback during times they need it most, ensuring customers continue to be provided the high level of service they expect at all times. 

All metric widgets listed as 'Now' (e.g.'Live' and 'In Progress' metrics) display results for events occurring at this exact present moment and display a green ‘Live’ icon to indicate this. Please note it may take up to two minutes after first loading the page before all in-progress calls appear. Once this has been done, if you remain on the page, all new calls will appear in real-time.

Metric widget results for “Today", "Last Hour", "Last 30 Minutes" or "Last 5 Minutes" are refreshed every 2 minutes. When hovering over the clock icon displayed on the top right corner of these widgets, a message is displayed with the following information: "Updated at: Xm:Ys. Next update in X seconds." 

"Today" metrics are defined by the 0:00 am hour of the timezone defined under preferences.


Talkdesk Live allows admins and supervisors to:

  • Monitor calls: Simply click the Live Calls widget to access a detailed list of calls currently Queued or In Progress. For In Progress calls, select the "Monitor Call" action next to the call you want to monitor, by clicking on the ellipsis button.
  • Display Talkdesk Live on a big screen TV or monitor: Talkdesk Live is best viewed in Chrome's Presentation Mode (Shift + cmd + F) on big screen TVs. Additionally, you may use your browser’s zoom-in/zoom-out feature to provide the optimal viewing experience for your agents.
  • Customize which KPIs to display: click the "Edit" button to change the dashboard into edit mode and select a widget to configure. You can then specify which metric to display for this widget. A full list of available metrics for Talkdesk Live can be found here.
  • Set alerts or targets for your widgets: click the "Edit" button to change the dashboard into edit mode and select a widget to configure. You will be able to specify a low and high threshold for each of your widgets. Color and display indicators on the widget will be used to show how current metrics are performing against these benchmarks.
  • Add more widgets: You can add up to 6 different widgets to your dashboard. However, you can add as many metrics as you need using multiple dashboards, and we are also working towards other customization options.

Learn more about how to use and configure Talkdesk Live. 

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