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Release Notes | February 3, 2016



  • Intelligent Reconnect. Admins can allow customers to be automatically connected with the same agent they were previously talking to when a call drops (or be placed on the top of the queue, if the agent is busy or unavailable).
  • Caller Connection Tone. When enabled, this feature plays a beep to the agents to let them know they've been connected to the caller.
  • Unsuccessful Queue Callback Message. Admins can specify a greeting that prompts the caller to leave a voicemail or call back later when no agents are available for queue to callback.
  • Link to popular support articles directly from the Talkdesk application.


  • Filtering options and pagination are now preserved while navigating back and forth to the contacts page. When returning to the contacts page, users will find the page in the same state as before, thus avoiding repeating the search parameters.
  • Removed credit card restriction for trial accounts. Customers will simply be prompted to add more credits when they run out of their initial trial credits.
  • Contact search by phone requiring the country code. Searching contacts by phone number no longer requires users to include the country code and allows searching for partial number matches.
  • Pull in Type field on SFDC activity objects to improve support for type field in Salesforce integration.
  • Improve Salesforce contact sync checkpoint. Synchronization checkpoints will now be saved per page retrieve instead of at the end of the sync.
  • Change Zoho object assignment behavior. Any time an object creation trigger does not involve an agent, the object created is now assigned to the Zoho admin who owns the API token that was used to connect Zoho.


  • Duplicate requests in contact entries page. The contact entries page grid was being created more than once, and some reset events were being triggered too many times.
  • Clicking on contact opens new contact page in Salesforce, even if contact already exists.
  • Some customers were unable to add more licenses through the UI as the screen was getting stuck with a "Loading" message.
  • Tags breakdown not breaking down in 30 minutes. When running reports on demand, the 'period' parameter was being ignored, and tags breakdown reports would not have the 30 minutes breakdowns but instead a single entry for the whole period.
  • Activity report not generating for accounts with no Abandoned Calls. If there were no Abandoned Calls in the logs, the Abandoned Calls Rate would fail to generate.
  • Log call fallback person value not working when set to none for SFDC.
  • Create contact or lead fails in Salesforce when there was no email or phone number.
  • Time not converting correctly before sending to Zoho. The log call executor was incorrectly formatting date time values using a format string that converts all hours to a 12-hour value, for use with an am/pm indication.
  • Voicemails first time loading issue. Fixed an issue when accessing the voicemails page for the first time.
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