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Release Notes | January 6, 2016



  • Automatic Away Status gives the option to configure the number of missed calls after which an agent status will automatically be set to away.
  • Agent Deactivation allows Admins to deactivate agents instead of deleting them.
  • Call Switching allows agents to switch from a current call to another incoming call to their direct lines (i.e. dedicated lines and extensions) while simultaneously ending the current call.
  • Configure limit for voicemail length. Admins can now enforce a limit on the length of voicemails that customers leave so that they can try to reduce the cost associated with lengthy spam voicemails.



  • Magento's contact synchronizations were timing out due to pulling too many contacts at once causing customers to only be able to sync a limited number of initial contacts.
  • Blacklisted phone numbers were not saving or appearing on account.
  • Accounts with disposition codes enabled but without disposition codes would leave an empty page after call when using the CTI Widget.
  • Widget transfers without the +/00 sign would transfer to an invalid number. Missing + sign or 00 at the beginning of a number would cause external transfers to fail. We now support that case.
  • Salesforce CTI Widget crashed Chrome when attempting to transfer a call using Chromebooks.
  • If the 'Widget mode' was enabled, an agent changed to 'Widget mode' and the operation couldn't be saved in the backend, the UI stayed as 'Widget mode', but the configuration remained as 'Web mode', causing the Web App to still receive calls.
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