Communications Suspended

The message "Communications suspended", will appear in red bar, on top of Talkdesk screen:


This means your account is currently unable to process any phone calls.

It can currently be triggered by two things:

  1. Your account has run out of credits - Talkdesk credits, are used for phone calls, and for the maintenance of the phone numbers. Once your account runs out of credits, it will get suspended. In order to reactivate communications, please process a One Time Payment, in your Billing section, in order to bring the credits back to a positive balance.
  2. The account has been canceled - If you previously used Talkdesk and canceled the account, you'll find this message upon logging in again. To reactivate the account, please reach out to our Sales Team, you can find the contacts at the bottom of our page.

If none of the above fits your case, or you can't successfully reactivate the account, please contact our Billing Team at


(Note: if your account has ran out of credits, we advise enabling Auto Recharge in the future, as to avoid being surprised by this kind of situation again)

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