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Call Switching


When activated, Call switching feature allows agents to switch from a current call to another incoming call to their direct lines (i.e. dedicated lines and extensions), while simultaneously ending the current call.

How it Works

While the agent is on a call received in his dedicated number or extension, if another call comes in to the same number, this call appears in the agent´s call queue. While the call is showing up on the call queue, if the agent clicks the reject button the call is removed from the queue and the caller hears a message informing that the agent is not currently available.

If the agent clicks the accept button, the current call he’s in is terminated immediately, no disposition dialog is shown, no after call work is applied and the enqueued call is answered automatically (browser may still request permission to use the microphone).

The call switch feature only works with phones that have been added to Talkdesk on the agent’s Settings page. To enable this feature please contact our support team.

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