Agent Deactivation


As an Admin, you can choose to deactivate agents instead of deleting them when they stop working at your company.

If you wish to retain the agent’s configurations or if this is a seasonal agent that you wish to reactivate in the future, you should deactivate instead of deleting the agent, as deletion will not retain the configuration data related to the agent.

Talkdesk saves the settings of deactivated agents, so there is no need for reconfiguration once they are reactivated.

Note: Deactivating agents from a license makes that license available for a different agent to be added but has no effect on the total number of contracted licenses, as these are billed according to your contract. For more information, please read the Agents and Licenses article.

Deactivating an Agent

To deactivate an agent, please follow these steps:

1. Select the Admin app.

2. Click on the Users tab [1].

3. Select the name of the agent whose account you wish to deactivate and click on the “Edit” button on the window that is displayed. 

4. Once inside the agent’s profile, slide the “Activation” toggle to the left to deactivate the agent [2].

5. Click Save [3]

Once an agent's activation field is changed to “Deactivated” and saved, deactivated agents retain any associated call history (e.g., calls recently made and received, past voicemail assignments, historical reporting) but new activity cannot be routed to deactivated agents (calls, voicemails, etc.).

Agent activation can be toggled from “Active” to “Deactivated”, and vice versa, at any time.


Bulk Deactivating and Reactivating Agents

You can also bulk deactivate and reactivate agents. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Agents [1] and filter the list of agents by activation status, i.e. by selecting an option in “Agent Activation” (“All”, “Active”, “Deactivated”, “Pending Confirmation”) [2].

2. Select the agents you wish to deactivate or reactivate [3]. From the “Actions” drop-down menu, select Activation Settings [4]. A window will pop up:

3. Select the activation status that you want to apply to the selected agents and click Save [5].

4. The "Agent Activation" column [6] will list the agents' activation status as:

  • “Active”
  • “Active (Pending Confirmation)”
  • “Deactivated”
  • “Deactivated (Pending Confirmation)”.


  • “Pending Confirmation” refers to an agent who has an email invitation from Talkdesk that they haven’t accepted/confirmed yet. Once the agent confirms the invitation, they will no longer be in the “Pending Confirmation” status. Furthermore, agents in the “Pending Confirmation” status count against the account’s license count, so it’s advisable that admins keep an eye on this column and resend invitations, activate or deactivate agents, and delete or make any necessary modifications when necessary.
  • If an agent currently has a dedicated line or direct route through IVR, Admins will see a warning message: “Cannot deactivate because agent has dedicated line or direct call routing. Please check your number settings first”. These settings will need to be changed prior to deactivating the agent.







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