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When you create an account we automatically give you a 14-day free trial and a $5 credit to try out and test Talkdesk. You can buy a phone number, or use your own to start making and receiving calls immediately. You can also add and remove agents and access most of Talkdesk's features.

During your trial period you will not be charged for the agent's subscription fee.

Once you have exceeded the initial $5 credit offered, we will start deducting calls and numbers costs from your current balance. If you run out of credits, you can easily recharge by doing a one-time payment.

Before your trial ends, you will receive an email explaining how you can keep your account active. Once you sign up for service you'll be ready to continue.

Our Account Executives will be happy to set you up with a plan that's right for your business needs, so don't hesitate to reach out.


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