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Release Notes | September 8, 2015


Note: This announcement refers to the legacy Reporting UI which has been deprecated throughout 2020. Please read our notice.



  • "After Call Work" rules and settings can now be set differently by role.
  • Zendesk integration: disabled fields are no longer included when fetching customizations. When enriching Zendesk actions to include custom fields, fields that are disabled in Zendesk are not synchronized.
  • Zendesk integration: properly detect whether on hold status is enabled in ZD. For Zendesk accounts configured to include a hold status for tickets, Talkdesk now shows this status as an option for the create/update ticket action.
  • When a report is scheduled with filters, that information is now available to the customers so that they know exactly what each is reporting to. To do this, and when a report is filtered, we use a filter icon when listing the reports, and show the filters itself on the edit page.


  • The transfer list on the Widget is now ordered alphabetically.
  • The scheduled list on the reporting section is now paginated to accommodate accounts that have many scheduled reports.
  • Scheduled reports default ordering for scheduler executions changed and the executions list is now being presented in the logical order of newest first.
  • The available aggregation periods in the reporting section depends on the timespan selected in the time picker and must stay coherent with it. To do this, we disabled aggregation periods so that only those smaller than the selected timespan and no more than 2 units of time below are selectable (ex: if timespan is 1 day, hour and minutes aggregation, is available. If timespan is 1 month, week and hour aggregation is available).


  • "Greater than" integration’s filter now works for voicemail time. A situation where durations weren't interpreted as integers for comparison under the "greater than" filter has been fixed.
  • The account's Weekly Activity Report was only including 6 days and has been fixed to include the full window picture of weekly.
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