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Call transfer types: blind transfer and warm transfer



Talkdesk allows you to transfer calls to other agents, ring groups and external phones. There are two types of transfer available: blind and warm.


Blind Transfer

A blind transfer is when you transfer the caller to a ring group or another agent without speaking to the new agent first.

Using this option, the agent you select for transferring the call will hear his/her phone ring and can accept or reject the transfer. Once the call is accepted, it will be dropped on your end.

Follow these steps to Blind transfer a call to a ring group or agent:


Warm Transfer

A warm transfer is when you speak with the new agent before the call is transferred. You can tell the destination agent about the caller’s issue and give any background information before transferring the call (without the caller hearing). Then, all three parties can speak together.

When you click the ring group or agent, or enter the phone number of an agent to transfer the call to, the ring group's agents or agent you selected will hear their phones ring and can accept the transfer:

  • Once you reach the new agent, you can speak with that agent for as long as you wish to, without the caller hearing.
  • When ready to transfer the caller to the new agent, click the “Add Customer to Call” [5] button and you will be placed in a three-way conference call between the new agent, the caller and yourself.
  • You can introduce the caller, speak with both the caller and the new agent and, once ready to leave the conference call, hit the “End Call and Complete Transfer” [6] button. The caller will be left in line with the new agent.
  • The "Abort Transfer" button allows you to cancel the transfer and go back to the original call.


Transferring calls using the Callbar

Learn how to transfer a call using Callbar:


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