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Call transfer options: Agents, Ring Groups and External Phones


When transferring calls you have two possible options: blind and warm.

If you wish to inform the receiving agent of the caller’s issue, give any background information that might be helpful and prepare them for the interaction, then you should choose 'Warm' as your transfer type.

If you simply wish to transfer the call without speaking with the agent, then you are looking for a 'Blind' transfer.

Once you've decided how to transfer your call, you need to choose your destination. You have three different options: agent, ring group or external phone number.


Call Transfer Options in Callbar

To learn how to transfer a call to an agent, ring group or external phone in Callbar, please follow the instructions in the article Using Callbar.


Call Transfer Options in the Main Web Application

To use the different call transfer options available in the Keypad in the browser (main web application), please follow the guidelines outlined below.


  • Transfer to an Agent

If you want the customer to be transferred to a specific agent who is available or has an external phone number associated, simply type the agent's name in the corresponding box [1]:

  • Agents who are logged in and available to receive calls will have a green icon next to their names: 
  • Agents who have SIP or 'forward-to-phone' enabled will display a gray icon next to their names:  They may or may not be free to answer the call.
  • Agents who are in Away status will have an orange icon next to their names: They may or may not be free to answer the call.
  • Agents who are busy or not logged in will not be listed.


  • Transfer to a Ring Group

Besides numbers and agents, you can also type in ring groups [2] and transfer your call to another team or department, and even back to your team:

If you blind transfer a call to ring group, if no agents are available this will send the caller to the waiting queue, where your waiting message or music will be played until an agent from your selected ring group becomes available.

If you warm transfer a call to a ring group where no agents are available, a busy tone will be heard. The caller will not be sent to the waiting queue.


  • Transfer to an External Phone

To transfer your call to an external number, press the 'Call External Number' link [3].

By typing in a phone number in the 'Search here...' box [4], you can transfer the call to any external phone number.

In case you've saved and wish to select this from your Hotlist of External Favorite Phone Numbers instead, simply click the star [5] and pick your number from the drop-down menu [6].

If you're aware that this agent or number has an IVR in place and wish to bypass it, make sure to tick the box next to 'with IVR' [7].

After you’ve made your selection, simply press the "Transfer Call" button [8].

Keep in mind that, as soon as you do it, you won’t be able to communicate with the contact. Instead, you will hear the phone ring, like in any outbound call, until the other end accepts or rejects the transfer.

In case the transfer is rejected, a notification will appear, and your communication with the contact is restored. 

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