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Release Notes | November 11, 2015



  • Holiday hours: enables users to configure holidays and messages to play during holiday hours.
  • Allow "After Hours IVR" to be enabled from the administration panel. Admins can now enable IVR to play also outside of business hours.
  • The Numbers section now supports search, filter by country, filter by ring group, and pagination. Larger accounts can better manage phone numbers using Search (by Number, Friendly name, Dedicated line, or Dedicated agent name) and Search Filters (by Country or Ring Group).
  • Open search dialog in Salesforce when multiple contacts or leads have the same number. When an inbound call is received in Salesforce and the phone number is known, instead of opening the first record we now open the “Search” Page so users can decide which record to open.
  • Added new integrations trigger for Short Abandoned calls.
  • Added Integrations triggers for "When a call enters a queue" or "When a call leaves a queue". Users can now create automations based on the event of a call being queued and dequeued.
  • Agents Status Reports. A new scheduled report is available listing all status changes for an agent. Report can only be run for the past 7 days, and only statuses lasting longer than 10 seconds in duration will be accounted for.



  • Audio cue for losers: if an agent presses the answer button after the first agent already successfully answered the call, the second agent now hears the audio message "Another agent has already answered this call".
  • While on a call using Talkdesk's widget, users are not allowed to change status. Since the agent status while on a call should be set to busy, the option to change it is not permitted.
  • Accept a pool of tokens when configuring the Zoho integration and rotate them when calling the API to increase the number of calls allowed for a particular account. Users can now submit a comma-separated list of tokens. The valid ones will be saved for the integration config, and rotated when using the API.
  • The contact field has been added to the list of available fields for Abandoned Calls trigger automations.
  • Added "Calls Short Abandoned" metrics to the appropriate reports: Activity, Numbers and Numbers Breakdown Reports.
  • Improved realtime experience in the reporting Live Calls view. In-progress calls in reporting were updating every 20 seconds. We now rely on the existing events of call answered and call finished to update the interface immediately and without delay.
  • Added a range limit to the date-picker in the Agents view. Data for the last month regarding agent status now limits the date range to 30 days in the Agents view. A notification is now displayed when trying to select a day that is outside that range.



  • Broken IVR menu configuration. The settings were being saved in the wrong format when changing from a sub-IVR to a route to tags configuration.
  • External Favorites not respecting 'With IVR'. Machine detection was not being disabled causing calls to fail.
  • Fixed missing duration during transfers.
  • Fixed transferring/adding guests while on hold not displaying error on the Widget. Since the Call is on Hold, the agent cannot Add a Guest, open the Keypad or Transfer the Call.
  • Fixed incoming calls Widget issue with disposition code showing when the agent loses the race to another agent, or when the customer hangs up the call immediately before the agent picks it up.
  • Fixed Widget issue for inbound calls not always showing who the caller is.
  • After hitting cancel on call forwarding using the Widget users couldn't make another call.
  • Some calls were staying in the waiting queue for longer than the waiting time limit.
  • A recent change in Pipedrive's UI broke our click-to-call functionality. Pipedrive selection field values were not showing correctly.
  • Timestamp handling on Pipedrive automations. The time part of the timestamp wasn't being propagated correctly on Pipedrive automations.
  • In some cases, Nimble contacts were not syncing correctly.
  • All the clocks representing timezones in the reporting section were off by one hour.
  • Fixed "Average Abandonment Time" in Reporting - Numbers view. The "Average Abandonment Time" was not being populated with the correct data.
  • Column "Created" and "Ranges" were being shown in the local timezone of the browser accessing Talkdesk instead of the account timezone in the Scheduler History page.
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