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Exporting Detailed Call Reports


Talkdesk has built-in reporting, but you can also export call log files for a more detailed analysis according to your needs, using a tool like excel.

  • Start by signing in as an Administrator
  • Select the "Reporting" section [1].
  • Click the "Calls" [2] tab.
  • Choose the desired time period for your report by clicking the calendar icon in the top-right corner [3].
  • By default, the report will be sent to your registered email address however, you can specify as many email addresses as you wish by clicking the 'Add Recipients' link.
  • Click the "Send CSV by Email" button [4].


You can then open the file on any spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets:


The CSV export includes the following data:

  • Callsid – the call's unique identification number
  • Call Type – the call type (ie: outbound, outbound_missed, inbound, missed, abandoned, short_abandoned or voicemail)
  • Start Time - the time when the call was received or placed
  • End Time – the time when the call ended or was missed
  • Talkdesk Phone Number – this is the number the customer called (for inbound or missed calls), or the phone number that the call was placed from (for outbound calls)
  • Customer Phone Number – this is the number the caller called from (for inbound calls), or the number the call was placed to (for outbound calls)
  • Duration – the duration of the call in seconds. The Duration metric in Talkdesk calculates the total talk time for inbound and outbound calls. The timer begins when the customer is connected with an agent, and ends when the call is disconnected. It does not include the time spent ringing the agent nor time spent in After Call Work, but it includes hold time during the call.
  • Record – the link to the call recording
  • Hangup – the reason why the call ended (ie: waiting = caller hung up while in the waiting queue; ivr = caller hung up while in the ivr; transfer = caller hung up during a transfer; hold = caller hung up while on hold; disconnected: all other hangup causes)
  • In Business Hours – whether or not the call was placed or received during business hours
  • Callback From Queue? – whether or not the caller requested a callback from queue (note: blank = no)
  • Waiting Time - how long the caller waited for their call to be answered or to go to voicemail in seconds.
  • Agent Speed to Answer - time it took for the agent to answer the call after it started ringing
  • Holding Time - total time the caller was placed on hold during the call. This metric counts only instances in which the agent places the caller on hold during inbound/outbound calls via Talkdesk Keypad, and does not include holds that are a result of transfers.
  • Rating – the rating (on a scale of 1-5; 5 being excellent) that the agent gave to the quality of the call, in Callbar.
  • Description – the note the agent took at the end of the call
  • Agent Name – the name of the agent placing the call or receiving the call. If a call is transferred to an external number that is not assigned to any agent, it shows as: External Phone Number and doesn't log against the agent. If transferred to an if-no-answer number it shows as: If-No-Answer Agent.
  • Phone Display Name – the name your company assigned to the phone number where the call was made from or received
  • Disposition Code – the disposition applied to the call
  • Transfer? - whether a call was 'Warm', 'Blind' or not transferred.
  • Handling Agent - identifies the agent transferring the call
  • Tags - shows the ring groups dialed during the call. If the call was received on an agent’s dedicated phone number or was directly routed to an agent after being dropped using intelligent reconnect, it will display the agent’s name.
  • IVR Options - displays the IVR options dialed during the call (If you see -1 here, that means no digits were selected and the call was routed via the default routing option at the bottom of the IVR, whether that’s voicemail, hangup, forward to ring group, etc. If this field is empty, that means the number did not have an IVR, the call was abandoned before or while in the IVR, or this was an outbound call).
  • CSAT Score - provides the valid responses to your CSAT SMS surveys sent back from a customer.
  • CSAT Survey Time - provides the time at which the CSAT survey was sent (empty field means that no survey was sent for that call).
  • Mood - provides insights on how the agent perceived the customer's satisfaction.
  • Mood Prompted? - whether or not the Mood survey was actually displayed to the agent.
  • Team - the team of the last agent involved in the call.
  • Rating Reason -  the reason selected by the agent, in Callbar, when the Rating given to the call quality was equal to or below 3.

 You can also schedule this and other reports to be sent to you regularly by email. 

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