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Release Notes | August 5, 2015



  • Schedule reports directly from the Talkdesk UI to be delivered to a list of emails at whatever frequency you choose: daily, weekly or monthly. You can also access past report executions and download them from the application.
  • Our billing interface has been updated to provide more transparency into your account. We added the concept of licenses to make it easy to track what you are being billed for compared to what you are using.
  • Agents can now perform warm and blind transfers to ring groups for inbound calls both in the main application and in the Widget.
  • Person accounts in Salesforce are now supported.


  • The Salesforce integration has been enhanced and gives you the ability to choose whether a contact or lead is created in Salesforce and associated with the different automated tasks and Talkdesk actions.
  • When creating Salesforce tasks (and logging calls) it is now possible to set the task status directly from Talkdesk.
  • The Salesforce integration has a new option that allows you to retrieve all custom fields instead of just the mandatory ones and picklists.
  • The interface is now updated automatically once an automation is setup for an integration/account. If you have two people in the same account adding automations, the UI will now update accordingly. This provides for an improved user experience, since you won't have to refresh the page to see if any new automations exist for the integration you are configuring.
  • A warning is now emitted if mandatory fields are populated with non-mandatory variables on your Integrations automated tasks, to avoid configuration issues that may prevent the automated tasks to execute later.
  • As it already happens for other integrations, we now provide fallbacks when creating a contact in Dynamics. When mandatory fields such as first name and last name are not provided by the context (for example when a contact is created in Talkdesk from an incoming phone call and the only information available is the phone number) the MS Dynamics integration will now use default values.
  • The Widget has an updated UI which avoids scrolling issues.


  • Fixed issue in Widget that caused automations to be executed with incorrect account data.
  • A number with chained ring groups associated can now be used as an Outbound Caller ID. The matching of tags on chained ring groups was not being taken into account which led agents to not properly see all available numbers to select as an Outbound Caller ID.
  • The transfer list is now kept fully up-to-date at all times to reflect status of agents. Changes of agents status are now immediately visible and ring groups are also added or removed from the list accordingly.
  • The agents list in settings is now automatically updated when a new agent is added, without the need to refresh the page.
  • Newly-arriving voicemails were counted twice in the voicemail counter that appears in the UI.
  • The voicemail transcripts list now works as expected: when a transcription is opened the entire voicemail information is visible and when closed, only the associated transcription is hidden.
  • Callback calls are ignored after business hours. Previously, when a call arrived just before the end of business hours and the customer requested a callback, if no agent answered that call within the set "waiting time limit" the call would be ignored by the system and the customer would never be called back. Now, we correctly dial back the customer, and present him/her with the outside business hours voicemail.
  • Blind transfer a call to a ring group where all agents are away/busy is now forced queued on the waiting queue. Previously when a call was blind transferred to a queue where all agents were away or busy, that call would go straight to voicemail.
  • Agents can now transfer to an external number and override the Agent IVR by selecting “with IVR” on the “transfer to external” menu.
  • Users are now unable to make unauthorized call operations: transfer, hold, add guest, while in a transfer.
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