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Automatic vs Customized Outbound Caller ID


Talkdesk offers two options for configuring an outbound caller ID: customized and automated.

This determines whether your agents are able to choose the phone number to call from manually (customized), or whether the system chooses it for them (automated).

Automated Caller ID

When the 'Automated' option is selected, Talkdesk will choose the best number to make the call from. The order this is done is as follows:

  • Find number with the same area prefix (excluding Toll free numbers and dedicated lines)
  • Find a number within the same state (available for US, Canada and Brazil). When placing an outbound call, and if the area prefix of the number being called does not match any of the numbers for the selected ring groups, the phone selector will attempt to select a phone number that is in the same state as the number being called, even if they have different area prefixes (excluding Toll free numbers and dedicated lines)
  • Find number in the same country and with the same country prefix (excluding Toll free numbers and dedicated lines)
  • If no number was found, use any number that is not Toll free nor a dedicated line
  • If still no match, find a Toll free number in the same country and with the same country prefix
  • If no number was found, ignore ring groups and choose the first Toll Free number in the account
  • Finally, if still no match is found, include dedicated lines and choose the first in the account.

For example, if an account has US and Canadian numbers and an agent is calling a customer with a US number, Talkdesk will automatically use the US number that is not a Toll free number nor a dedicated line as the caller ID. Also, if there are various numbers from the same country, Talkdesk will give priority to numbers with the same area prefix. This helps give you a local presence, by calling from the nearest number in your account to the person you're calling. 

Customized Caller ID

The Customized caller ID option allows agents to select which number to use as their outbound caller ID, on a call-by-call basis. They can only select phone numbers that are assigned to them via ring groups.

If agents choose the 'Default' setting it will operate exactly the same way as Automated, as described above.

Troubleshooting tip: If an agent is not able to use a specific number as an outbound caller ID, this typically means that they do not have the appropriate ring groups associated with the number they want to use. Check to ensure that the ring group associated with a number is also associated with the agent.


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