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How can I test the quality of my network connection?


You can assess the connection quality by using the Talkdesk Network Test Tool.

The Test Tool gives you the location and connection details, and allows you to test:

  • The Throughput
  • The Call Quality
  • The Turn Connectivity
  • The Bandwidth Speed
  • The Ping


A test typically takes 2-3 minutes to run, so the results are an averaged snapshot of a particular range of time. We recommend you to run the test at least 3 times, at different times of the working day to achieve the most typical results, and to repeat the tests from each office or home location where you have agents making calls.

Note: The Test Tool only currently works using Chrome.

  • Hit “Start[1] and let the test run, give permission for the microphone to be used when asked, and then wait for the test to be completed.


  • You can click “Restart[2] to restart the test or display detailed test results by hitting “Log[3].
  • When you’re done, add your email address [4] and hit “Send to Talkdesk Support[5].

Once we receive your results, we will review them and get back to you.

Thank you!

We also have a guide on how to interpret test results.

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    Jim Vey

    I click start and it says "can not load testing credentials"

  • Avatar
    Inês Costa

    Hello Jim, thank you for the comment. There was a glitch in the Network Test Tool which has now been fixed. For a more prompt reply, if you encounter a similar issue in the future, please contact our support team directly and they will be happy to assist you –

    Edited by Inês Costa
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