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Does Talkdesk offer 800 Toll Free prefix numbers in the U.S.?


While we offer a wide range of available toll free numbers (i.e. 855, 866, etc.) unfortunately, we do not keep toll free numbers with the 800 prefix in the U.S. in stock, because the inventory is depleted and they are no longer available (they are still available for the U.K. though).

Note: The same toll-free system (based under North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is used for Canada and US. This means that you can purchase Canada toll free numbers by searching for US instead.

Luckily, there are several services where you can purchase toll free numbers which you can then move to Talkdesk for free.

The services that are most commonly used by our customers are and If you’re purchasing a toll free number from, use the “Reserve and transfer to RespOrg” option and enter TWI01 as the RespOrg.

Once you have done this, simply follow these instructions to move your toll free numbers into Talkdesk.

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