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Displaying the Keypad in the Main Talkdesk Web Application



The right sidebar of your Talkdesk account displays the Keypad.

Note: The Keypad as a dialer is no longer available for new accounts. If you joined Talkdesk recently, you may only have access to Callbar and/or Conversations.

Click the 'Hide Keypad / Show Keypad' button [1] to hide or display it:


In this area you can initiate calls, see calls coming in and use the call controls while on a call.

Note: If you are using Talkdesk's Callbar, the Widget mode should be enabled. In this case, calls will only ring in Callbar, even if the main Talkdesk web application is open, and you will not be able to use the Keypad.


When making phone calls:

  • You can type in or copy / paste the phone number into the dialer pad [2].
  • For improved phone number parsing you can also use the autocomplete country code detection feature [3].
  • Once you have entered the number, click the 'Call' button [4] or press Enter.
  • The keypad will be replaced with the call control functions. 




When receiving phone calls:

  • In addition to hearing the phone ring, you will see a summary of the customer profile and the options to accept or reject the call.
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