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Release Notes | June 30, 2015



  • Blind call transfers are now available to ring groups in addition to individual agents for Inbound Calls. In future releases, we will be adding the blind transfer functionality for Outbound Calls (i.e. a call begins as an outbound call, and then someone has to transfer to another agent to handle the rest of the call) and within the Widget. 
  • To help get the Talkdesk and Zendesk integration deployment up and running more easily, we’ve added some recipes - automations that are enabled by default - when the integration is initially set up. When customers connect to Zendesk for the first time we automatically populate three of the most common automations used to get them started. 
  • API call logs can now be exported on a per-integration basis. To help administrators get more insight into the success of the integration, in the Admin panel there is now a link to receive an email of the last 100 API calls made for that integration and their results.


  • Microsoft Dynamics now has backup values for user creation via automation. If first and last name do not have values, we will default to using "Talkdesk" for the first name and the phone number for the last name
  • When admins populate a mandatory automation field with a parameter that may not have a value, we will warn them that this may cause the automation to fail
  • All custom fields of the type "Phone" are now retrieved from Salesforce
  • To improve usability and ensure all elements are accessible without scrolling we made some UI enhancements on the Widget


  • Users who attempt to start a new transfer while in the midst of a transfer in the Talkdesk dashboard will now receive notification that the action is not allowed
  • Newly added agents are now immediately available in the Agent management dashboard
  • The Widget UI no longer allows agents to change their status to busy
  • When transferring calls to an external number and the agent IVR is enabled, a message would play asking the destination whether to accept the call or not
  • When the caller disconnected a call during the IVR message, it would count as a "missed" call instead of an "abandoned" call
  • Country code detection was improperly detecting country codes for specific phone numbers when transferring to an external number 
  • Fixed an issue where the current time did not match the time displayed by the datepicker component in the metrics section
  • Corrected an issue in which Desk automations that involved creating a case would fail if there was not a user with which to associate that case
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