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In which countries does Talkdesk offer phone numbers?


We offer phone number in around 100 countries worldwide, see the table below for all the countries and types.

For certain countries, only National phone numbers (which are also sometimes called non-geographic phone numbers) are available, for others, only Local numbers, which are tied to a particular city or region (such as London or Barcelona).

Due to local regulations, some phone numbers require the user to be located in a particular region, or to list their information in order to purchase and own the number. The address you provide can be a business or personal address that you, your company, or your customer who will be using the phone number(s) has. It can also be a PO box or a law office representing your company.

There are three types of address requirements:

  • Any: You must provide an address anywhere in the world.
  • Local: You must be located in and provide an address within the phone number’s country. (In some cases, you need to provide an address in the same city as the phone number; these are identified.)
  • Foreign: You must be located outside and provide an address outside the phone number’s country.

When such an address is required in order to purchase a number, we will need to purchase it on your behalf as soon as you provide us the information. To do so, please contact our support team.

Some numbers are available in beta mode only and require you to contact us prior to purchasing. Our telecom provider starts with extensive testing internally and then runs an alpha "preview" with a select set of customers to ensure these numbers meet standards. We do not recommend customers take a number in this early stage because they may fail testing and be withdrawn. Only after this stage has been completed, numbers are launched in public beta and offered to all customers. From time to time there may be connectivity issues with a beta number but this is closely monitored and our provider works quickly to resolve any issues that come up.

Prices for each phone number are listed next to the number before you click Buy (prices may vary depending on the country and the number type). When a new number is purchased, the cost is deducted from your account’s credit.

Type of numbers available, current status and requirements: 

Algeria Soon National TBC
Argentina Yes Toll-free available now in beta. Local coming soon in beta. TBC
Australia   Local and Toll Free Local Address *
Austria Toll-free soon Local and National now. No
Bahrain   National Yes **
Barbados Soon Local TBC *
Belgium Toll-free soon Local and National now. Local: Local Address
National: No
Benin Soon Local TBC *
Bosnia & Herzegovina Soon Local TBC *
Brazil Toll-free Local available now.
Toll free coming soon in beta.
Bulgaria   Local Local Address
Burkina Faso      
Canada   Local and Toll Free No
Cayman Islands Soon Local TBC
Chile Yes Local now in beta. Toll-free coming soon in beta. No 
China Soon Toll-free coming soon in beta. TBC
Colombia   Local No
Republic of Congo Soon    
Costa Rica Soon Toll-free coming soon in beta. TBC
Croatia   Local Local Address
Cyprus   National No
Czech Republic Toll-free soon Local now. Local Address
Denmark Soon Local now. Toll-free coming soon in beta. No
Dominican Republic   Local No
El Salvador   Local No
Estonia   National now, Local coming soon in beta No
Finland Soon Local and National now.  Local: Local Address
National: No
France Toll free

Local, National and Mobile all available now.
Toll free coming soon in beta.

Local: Local Address for area code
Mobile: Any Address

Georgia Soon National


Ghana Soon Mobile


Greece Yes

Local available now.

Toll-free available in beta.

Local Address
Grenada Soon Local TBC
Germany Soon

Local, Mobile and National available now. Toll-free coming soon in beta.


Local: Local Address for area code
National: Any German Address
Mobile: Any German Address

Ghana Soon Mobile voice coming soon in beta.


Guatemala Soon Local


Guinea Soon Local


Hong Kong Soon National now. Toll-free coming soon. Any Address
Hungary   Local Local Address
Iceland   Local Local Address 
India Soon

Toll free coming soon in beta.
No other number types available.

Foreign Address
Indonesia Soon. Mobile now. Toll-free and Local coming soon in beta. No
Ireland   Local and National Local: Local Address
Israel   Local and Mobile No *
Italy Soon Local numbers available now. Toll-free coming soon in beta. Local Address, Business name and VAT (tax code), ID of the authorized signee
Jamaica Soon Local TBC *
Japan Toll-free Local and National now and Toll free in beta. No
Kazakhstan Soon Local TBC
Kenya   Local No
Kuwait Soon Local TBC *
Latvia   Local Local Address
Lithuania   Local No
Luxembourg   Local Local Address
Macau Soon Mobile coming soon in beta. TBC
Madagascar Soon    
Malaysia   Local and Mobile No
Mali Soon Local coming soon in beta. TBC *
Malta   National No
Mauritius Soon Local TBC *
Mexico Soon Local available now.
Toll free coming soon in beta.
Foreign Address
Moldova Soon Local TBC *
The Netherlands Toll-free soon Local and National now. Local address required for Local numbers. 
Nigeria   Local No
New Zealand   Local No
Norway Tollfree soon Local now, Toll-free soon Local Address
Pakistan Soon Local coming soon. TBC 
Panama Yes Local in beta. Local Address *
Peru   Local No

Local now.

Poland Soon  Local now, Toll-free soon in beta No
Portugal Toll-free soon National now, Toll-free soon in beta No
Puerto Rico   Local No
Romania   Local Local Address
Russia   Local - by special request Local Address
Singapore Soon National numbers available now and Toll-free numbers coming soon in beta. Any Address
Slovakia Toll-free soon Local now. Local Address
Slovenia   Local Local Address
South Africa   National and Mobile Local Address 
South Korea   National, Toll-free, Mobile No
Spain   Local and National Local: Local Address
National: No
Sri Lanka Soon National TBC *
Sweden Toll-free soon Local and National now. Local: Local Address
National: No
Switzerland   Local Local Address
Taiwan Soon Local TBC *
Tajikistan Soon Local  
Tanzania Soon Local TBC *
Thailand   Local No
Trinidad and Tobago Soon Local coming soon.  TBC 
Tunisia Soon Local TBC *
Turkey Soon Local TBC *
Uganda Soon    
Ukraine Soon National TBC * 
United Kingdom   Local, National, Mobile and Toll Free No
United States   Local and Toll Free No
Vietnam Soon Local TBC *

* Please contact our support team ( to confirm availability.

** At the request of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain, you are now required to have an address, proof of address and proof of ID for Bahrain numbers. This can be any address:

  • company address
  • proof of address (i.e. a utility bill or enterprise registration certificate)

In addition to this, the Bahrain regulators are now requiring the following documentation for local phone numbers:

  • Proof of Identification

The proof of Identification (ID) can be a passport, a business registration, or a national ID card.

Note: This list changes frequently and is usually updated monthly. We identify countries where phone numbers are launching soon in beta in order to keep customers as informed as possible. 


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