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Release Notes | June 17, 2015



  • Logs calls under Opportunities and Cases in Salesforce.

This features allows logging of calls against Opportunities and Cases associated with a Contact in Salesforce. When creating an automation that logs a call, the “Related to” field can be used to log the call to either an Opportunity or a Case in addition to the Contact. In the event that there are multiple Opportunities or Cases associated with the same Contact, the call will be logged against the most recently updated one. If there are no Opportunities or Cases, the call will still be logged to the Contact itself.



  • The email was added to the agent sign-up form so the browser stores the email/password combination for subsequent logins.



  • The widget would sometimes show that no phone numbers were found for a particular user; phone numbers associated via an IVR were not considered.
  • There were places in the reporting section (namely on the agent metrics report) where not all the custom status were being shown.
  • Saved contact searches were not being displayed in the UI.
  • The agent list for a particular status was sometimes hidden for long lists in the Live Calls dashboard.
  • The status of the agents in the transfer list is now being updated. As a status changes, if the agent becomes not eligible for transfer he is removed from the list or if is eligible he is inserted on the list.
  • When connecting a callback request with the widget would cause the call controls to disappear, not allowing the agent to action on the call.
  • Once an integration gets disabled the link between the Talkdesk agents and the integration users is now removed.
  • Blind transfers to external numbers should no longer result in dropped calls.
  • Numbers not in service would play a busy signal instead of playing an out-of-service message.
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