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Call History Filters: Ring Groups and Agents


By default, the 'Call History' section (previously, Recent Calls) [1] displays all calls made and received by your company, but it might be useful for you to only see calls that you answered, or calls of a certain type (for example, missed calls for which you want to call the customer back).

Your 'Call History' section can be filtered by ring group [2] and/or agent [3]:



Filter by Ring Group

By clicking 'Showing All Ring Groups' [2], you can select the calls that are associated with a specific ring group. For example, if you want to select calls that belong to the “enterprise sales” group, you can use that Ring Group filter.


Filter by Agent

By clicking 'Showing All Agents' [3], you can select the calls that are associated with a particular agent. For example, to select the calls that you made and received you can use the Agents filter and select your name.



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