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Release Notes | October 8, 2015




  • The filename of exported call reports has been enhanced to include the date and time of the account timezone.
  • Ability to run all reports in both CSV and XLS. Enhancement to report scheduler which allows creating any report in CSV and XLS.
  • Ability to run reports on demand. Enhancement to reports to include options for running reports on demand for arbitrary periods when editing and when viewing history of reports.
  • Reporting views reorganization. Enhancement to visual of reporting section, including column changes, links for last execution of reports, and ordering. 


  • When adding guests the "with IVR" and the default outbound caller ID option selected, the transfer was failing.
  • Allow parenthesis in phone number sanitization. Some phone number formats were being incorrectly considered invalid.
  • Reduced delay after call pickup. Agents are now joining calls faster.
  • Fixed waiting call queue double eviction scenarios that was causing dropped calls when being taken out of the waiting queue.
  • It is now possible to switch agents in the billing section from Full to Flex and vice-versa.
  • Call dispositions would not show up on CSV exports for outbound missed calls.
  • Ring groups containing spaces would cause a visualization issue in the service level metric which would appear as zero.
  • Both our Chrome Extension and the SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ) integration have been updated to reflect the name update.
  • Editing an automated task after a validation on the server side was breaking the UI.
  • Fixed Salesforce Widget to prevent a connection error. When a call was created the UI was hiding the option to hang up and the reconnect button was being shown.
  • Fixed issue with display of numerical ID of the option selected rather than the value in Pipedrive integration.
  • Fixed outbound caller ID mass update issue. When mass updating outbound caller id, the phone numbers were not being shown. Also, the phones dropdown is now disabled when you set Automatic.
  • Fixed issue with changes to routing settings getting ignored when external phone number was changed. The routing settings were being set to the previous value when saving.
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