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Talkdesk Widget / Callbar Backup Mode


Availability is very important to us, as our customers depend on it to make and receive calls.

In the unfortunate event that browser calls are being affected due to an issue with our main provider, we've implemented a Browser Communications Backup Plan so you can continue making and receiving calls.

As this mode is not available if you're using our Widget or Callbar, you will be required to switch to Web Mode and use Talkdesk main web application as a backup mode instead.

Please follow these instructions in order to enable Talkdesk Widget backup mode:

  • Open a new browser tab and go to: ​https://[your-business-name] ​(or reload it if you were already signed in) [1].

  • Log in using your Talkdesk 'Email' and 'Password' [2]. (If you don’t remember your password click the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions.)
  • If you’re prompted about Notifications make sure to click 'Allow' [3]. By doing this, you’ll be notified of incoming calls even if your browser is minimized, or even if you’re in a separate browser tab when a call comes in.


  • Next, make sure you are in 'Web Mode' [4] and not Widget Mode and make sure your status is set to "Available" [5]​.
  • If this is the first time you’re using the Talkdesk webapp, you’ll also be prompted about mic access: make sure to click 'Allow' [6] (Note: this message will pop-up when you get/make your first call).      

Once Talkdesk returns to normal operation mode again

  • Change your mode back to 'Widget Mode'​ [7].


  • Close the browser tab where you have Talkdesk open.
  • Go back to the Talkdesk Callbar and log in [8]:


  • You should now be able to get/make calls from your Talkdesk Callbar again.                    
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