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Browser Communications Backup Plan


Talkdesk uses cloud telecom providers to enable browser based communications. We work with the most resilient telecom operators, with redundant data centers geographically spread, and a self-healing distributed infrastructure.

In the highly unlikely event that our primary browser based infrastructure experiences any issues, and given that availability is one of the most important characteristics of Talkdesk, we have gone further to maximize availability to our customers and developed a Browser Communications Backup Plan (BCBP).  

Detecting issues and switching to the BCBP

Talkdesk analyzes the telecom provider's status in real time and, in case of problems with the main provider, automatically reverts communications to an alternative provider, as a backup plan for the affected regions and / or Talkdesk accounts.

Switching to / from the BCBP mode

When necessary to enter our Browser Communications Backup Plan (BCBP) mode, we do the switch and agents are automatically notified to refresh their browsers:

  • Agents are asked to switch modes after finishing any in progress call.
  • A message pops up asking the agent to refresh the browser, or Talkdesk will refresh automatically in 30 seconds. By clicking the refresh button, or pressing F5 to update Talkdesk to the new operation mode, agents are automatically switched.
  • If the agent dismisses this first message, the browser refreshes automatically at the set interval of 5 seconds.

Agents can then continue their work answering calls, and no other functionalities are affected.

When all systems are restored, and Talkdesk reverts to normal operating mode, agents are required to exit BCBP mode. Like before, a message is displayed requesting a browser refresh.

This backup mode is almost transparent for the account, but guarantees that Talkdesk keeps operating even when our main telecom provider is experiencing issues.

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