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Release Notes | April 30, 2015





  • It is now possible to email a CSV file of call data to the account of your choice from the Talkdesk interface.
  • When a caller with an invalid phone number or caller ID requests a callback, Talkdesk will now play a message informing them that they are unable to request a callback from the queue and they will remain in the queue.



  • Previously, when all agents rejected a callback, the customer was called and the call dropped as soon as the customer answered. Now when all agents reject a callback, the customer is called and sent directly to voicemail.
  • Talkdesk periodically displayed the wrong Outbound Caller ID when placing outbound calls. This issue has been fixed.
  • Phone calls that were placed or transferred to an agent on an external phone number used to show “N/A” in the “Agent” field in the “Recent Calls” tab and “Activity History” within a contact’s profile. Talkdesk now displays "External Phone Number" in this field.
  • Talkdesk used to allow callers to dial an agent’s extension during the welcome greeting, which interrupted the greeting. This issue has been resolved.
  • At times, call duration data was not acquired and as a result reported as 0. This issue has been resolved.
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