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Creating Scheduled Reports



Talkdesk allows you to create and schedule a variety of reports. You can also download or run reports on demand for any desired date range in the past 180 days (except for Agent Status Reports which can only be run for the past 7 days).

In order to use this functionality, you must have permissions to access the 'Reporting' tab of Talkdesk:

  • Open the "Reporting" section [1]  from the top of the page.
  • Select the "Scheduled" tab [2].
  • Click the "New Report" button [3] in the top-right corner:


  • Make your desired selection from the drop-down menu of 15 predefined reports available under 'Report Type' [4].
  • Select the 'Format' [5] for your report: .xls or .csv (Note: You are limited to 65,000 rows of data in an .xls file; if you need to run a report on a large data set, consider choosing the .csv format to avoid report failure or incomplete data).
  • Type in your 'Report Name' [6] (a name that helps you better identify your report).
  • By default, reports adhere to the account timezone, however, if you'd like the report to be run and presented in another timezone, you can make a different selection from the 'Timezone' drop-down [7]. Your report will run at midnight in the selected timezone:

  • Next to ‘Frequency’, choose your periodicity from the three available options under the Recurring [8] drop-down menu: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or On Demand [9].
  • If you select On Demand, you will also need to select your desired time period by clicking the calendar icon.
  • Also, if you select a Breakdown Report, you can select the following time interval options: 10 min, 30 min (default), and 1 hour. The time interval options of 10 and 30 minutes are only available for reports with less than 30 days of data.
  • Reports will be available for download in the reports history but, optionally, can also be delivered to the email addresses you specify under 'Recipients' [10].
  • 'Save' your new Scheduled report [11]:

Once created, you can access your reports history at any time from your Reporting Scheduled tab [12]. You can download the last execution of each report by clicking it directly on the Reports Page, under 'Last Run' [13], Edit or Delete it [14].

You can also disable the execution of recurring scheduled reports. To do this, simply switch the toggle next to it to the off position [15]. Once disabled, the report will no longer run, but all historical runs are preserved for future download. Paused scheduled reports can be re-enabled at any time:

If you click the report name, you can see the Execution History [16] and Status [17]. For any execution showing a 'Failed' status, please request a new run. In case the report status is still 'Processing', try again in a few minutes. Completed reports can be downloaded at any time.

Your scheduled reports will continue to execute based on the frequency you selected, but you can also choose a custom date range and execute them on demand. Simply click the calendar icon, pick your date range and press the "Run Now" [18] button (the report is immediately queued for processing). Even if disabled, admins and supervisors can press “Run now” to run a report:

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