Internet Connection


As Talkdesk is a web-based software, the network connection is the most important thing.

You need stability when connecting with callers in order to maintain the best quality of the conversation.

For making phone calls over the internet, the speed of your connection is much less important than the quality.

As additional traffic on the same network can impact audio quality, here are some suggestions you should follow:

  • When possible, use a wired network connection, rather than a Wi-Fi connection. This will generally provide a more consistent and better quality network connection.
  • Don't run any network-intensive applications on your computer, such as internet radio or streaming video, or run significant uploads or downloads that might compete with your audio. Close unused desktop apps that might also hoard CPU %.

For more information on how to configure and optimize your internal network please check, or ask your IT department to check the article Setting up System Requirements and Network Settings.

You can also run a network test to assess the quality of your connection. 

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