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Can I download my call recordings and voicemails?


Talkdesk allows recording of inbound and outbound calls as well as voicemails.

We store these files on our secure infrastructure and provide access via a modal.

Users need to be authenticated and have the right permission (assigned via Roles) to play a call or voicemail recording in Talkdesk. If logged out, agents are required to log in prior to being able to play the recording.

These modals are presented across our platform in various ways: for instance, play button on the Calls or Voicemails sections.

Should you wish to extract URLs in bulk instead, you will need to export call data as a .csv file (admin permissions required).

Using the exported file you will see a column for the recording URL and can access the URL using whatever method you choose.

Please note that if you have Secure Recordings enabled you will need to be authenticated to access the recordings.

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